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Based on our knowledge and experience we are proud to introduce ourselves as the best known DJ equipment & services rental company in Romania. We developed the rental area in order to optimize the work and resources of the organizers. We come with professional solutions to fulfill every request and we accept every challenge.

We strive to exceed expectations and to overachieve our goals. Ambition and perseverence determined us to be the best on the market in everything we do, and this way of working brought us very important projects during the years.

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During the years we collaborated with many clubs across Romania and we provided equipment for their events and parties. We like to maintain a great relationship with their technical teams and we developed great partnerships with them over the years.


We were involved in many events all across the country, strongly communicating with their stage managers and offering them our support in installing the equipment, talking with the artists or their technical staff and fulfilling their needs.


We like to have a close partnership with festival organizers and we offer them equipment, technical support and stage management on several stages at the same time 24/7 during the entire festival. We love to be involved and make sure everything is in perfect order.

Stage Management

This concept implies real-time presence and full technical support at any moment, before, during and after the performances. We are able to work with DJs and their staff and with the riders they provide in order to succeed in making everything perfect.

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